I recently worked on a project requiring a significant amount of wardrobe homework worthy of sharing. The project was an editorial portrait on location. My wardrobe pitch to the publication was simple: formal looks with Art Deco influences.  I was not interested in the boyish, tubular cut dresses of the feisty Flappers.  I pitched the more glamorous gowns with feminine silhouettes and floor-sweeping hemlines worn by the silver screen sirens during the Machine Age.  I felt a glamorous Deco inspired gown would both look amazing on the talent and connect the portrait to the historic location.  Publication loved it! 

With wardrobe direction approved, I began calling in looks. I quickly realized there was potential trouble. Most of the looks I was inquiring about were at the Cannes Film Festival or Bill Board Music Awards. Becoming a little frantic, I began scouring collections for appropriate wardrobe options. During this process, I compiled an image file FULL of amazing looks. Instead of letting this collection sit in a file on my computer, I decided to edit the 84 looks down to 42 of my favorites and share them.

I love everything about these looks.  Some are screaming Art Deco influence while others are just whispering Deco hints.  Two of my favorite Deco details are the repeated geometric patterns and the embellishments.  Geometric motifs are indicative to Art Deco design and used in Deco fashion old and new. Repeated geometric patterns when placed properly on a gown can help accentuate the feminine shape. These angular patterns provide both form and function as a decorative motif and a figure flattering tool. AND THE EMBELLISHMENTS!  Even the embellishments are embellished!  These embellishments include selective fabric manipulation, beading, plumes, sparkles, passementerie, soutache, and fur for days!  The craftsmanship is stunning and the attention to detail is undeniable.














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    June 4, 2013 at 12:42 pm ·

    These are absolutely breathtaking! I can’t pick a favorite. Just beautiful!

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Courtney Watkins is a wardrobe + prop stylist based in Atlanta with 14 years of print and film production experience in advertising, editorial, corporate, and scripted entertainment. Courtney comes to styling with a passion for design and a background in fine arts and commercial photography. It is her strong respect for concept, her wit and her creativity that set her work apart. Those qualities have earned her a broad range of advertising, editorial, and broadcast clients, from Nike, Coca Cola, AT&T, Marriott, Coors Light, to Southern Living, People Magazine, Shape, TBS, and Discovery Channel among others.


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