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Set Education | Be Nice

Every person on a production is important.

From the producer to the unpaid intern, everybody is a valuable asset.  My advice is to treat every person on set with the same respect  you  show your superiors.  Treat people like your personal success or failure depends on their opinion of your work. READ MORE

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?

Discover your film industry career path using this humorous flow chart.


Production Rant: Bad Beans Spoil Crew Brew

Crew members with high maintenance coffee orders are killing me!



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Courtney Watkins is a wardrobe + prop stylist based in Atlanta with 14 years of print and film production experience in advertising, editorial, corporate, and scripted entertainment. Courtney comes to styling with a passion for design and a background in fine arts and commercial photography. It is her strong respect for concept, her wit and her creativity that set her work apart. Those qualities have earned her a broad range of advertising, editorial, and broadcast clients, from Nike, Coca Cola, AT&T, Marriott, Coors Light, to Southern Living, People Magazine, Shape, TBS, and Discovery Channel among others.


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