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New freelancers always ask me for business tips and billing information.  It’s complicated to answer for three main reasons. First of all, sole proprietorship DBA, LLC, B-corp, C-corp, and S-corp are confusing AF because each business structure has different taxation and benefits.  Second, every production company has different policies and preferences. Third, billing processes change with every new tax code, form, and App released.  There are simply too many variables.

Currently, there are plenty of business classes and advice articles for freelancers available on-line. However, there’s limited information for freelance wardrobe stylists working as independent contractors.  Stylists are probably too busy, too protective, or simply too frustrated by paperwork to share business tips.  In efforts to fill this information void, I’m happily sharing some of the good, the bad, and the ugly lessons I’ve learned.

Pulling from 16 years of commercial and advertising production experience, I compiled my top 6 business tips for freelance wardrobe stylist trying to navigate their way to a paycheck and tax compliance.
I’m not a tax professional and don’t offer legal, accounting, or tax advice.  


Production Rant: Bad Beans Spoil Crew Brew

Crew members with high maintenance coffee orders are killing me!


Today Show and Star Jones on Obesity Campaign

Last year I worked on an Anti Childhood Obesity Campaign directed by David Stuart.  The campaign has received a lot of press for being in your face, unapologetic, and heart wrenching. READ MORE

Wes Anderson and Brad Pitt

Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, is now showing in limited release NOWHERE near me, DRATS!  Cinematic frustration has left me scouring the web for all things Wes Anderson hoping to find an obscure, secret handshake venue releasing the film in the southeast.  It is Wes Anderson, it COULD happen.  During my on-line reconnaissance, I ran across this little commercial gem from 2008.  Anderson teamed up with Brad Pitt for SoftBank, a Japanese mobile communications company. The commercial takes inspiration from Jacques Tati’s Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot. Anderson filmed Pitt in one continuous shot at a French seaside town.

Screen Printing | Danger Press

I use Danger Press for all of my screen printing.  They handle time sensitive printing, custom design, short runs, and they understand my peculiar printing requests for different productions.

I may need 17 different designs printed on 17 different custom-made aprons in an extremely short amount of time.  UhhHrumm (clearing my throat), listen up!  I expect and am happy to pay rush fees because I know my rush projects are very disruptive to Danger’s press schedule.

Danger does not have everything. They are definitely lacking in the schmutz department.  Danger’s shop is spotless and so is the final product.  As a stylist, this is priceless.

Pictured: Front pocket + full back screen printed white lab coats and coveralls.

Cyclops in Monster Truck

This was a project for TBS that required a cyclops in a monster truck.  I had AFX studios on hold to apply an operable, prosthetic eyeball, unfortunately the eyeball got cut.  The talent was burning up inside of this latex mask.

Viva Aruba!

this is a post from holly thompson’s blog about the Aruba Tourism campaign shot by scott lowden.  i did wardrobe and props on this one.  tough day at the office!

Viva Aruba!


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