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I worked with this amazing spacesuit for a John Fulton print production this week.   The production was great fun and the spacesuit looked fantastic on camera!   The EMU spacesuit was a rental from WonderWorks in LA.   For more information about WonderWorks production services, I have written about them in a previous post, WonderWorks 4/26/2012. 

Here are a few spacesuit BTS pictures from the production.  More to come ~ enjoy!


Fitting the spacesuit on myself the day before we shoot.



This is a great short video about the END IT Movement stunt campaign filmed in Atlanta during the Final Four Weekend.  The two minute video talks about human trafficking, the campaign concept, and campaign results.   It also has some great behind the scenes footage.

I am very proud to say that I was wardrobe key on this project.  Thank you Christonya Kinsey, KeKe Lowe, Rebecca Klco, and Lily Chambers for your help!


Final video PSA for END IT Movement.  Being a part of this production was an amazing experience.  Costuming the 18 women as sex slaves was tremendously rewarding and horrific at the same time.


  • Barffalo
  • Hacker
  • Picker
  • Scratcher


Recent wardrobe work for Dixie Smartstock’s ‘Unclean World’ campaign. Super fun project! ‘The Hacker’ is one of four unclean characters used in this B2B campaign.

Agency: TJ Madison
Photographer: Jason Maris
Producer: Stephen Ostrander
Art Director: John Gregory
Creative Director: Jim Spruell
Wardrobe: Courtney Watkins
H&M: Karen Duncan


Danger Press Featured in Alternative Apparel

Turning Ink Into Art with Danger Press


I previously posted about my favorite screen printer, Danger Press.  The guys at Danger have recently been featured in Alternative Apparel’s Blog:


Falling Models, Tumbling Talent, and Slippery Shoe Solutions

Runway models are not alone in experiencing slides, slips, and falls.  Underestimating the power of a polished floor, we have all found ourselves flat on the floor, humiliated, and looking for the closest piece of furniture to crawl underneath.

I use one or both of these methods to prep slick, new shoes that will be worn by on-camera talent.  These very simple stylist tricks can prevent both talent tumble as well as personal embarrassment:

  • Sandpaper: Lightly scuff the bottoms of new shoes with sandpaper. Be careful not to scuff the sides of the shoes or any area that will be visible to camera. I keep both 80 grit and 120 grit sandpaper in my kit.
  • Hairspray: Spritz the bottoms of the shoes with strong hold hairspray and let the spray dry for about a minute until it’s sticky to the touch.  Spray as needed.  I keep Nexxtacy by Nexxus in my kit because it is super sticky and alcohol free.

★ Make sure the hairspray will not damage the flooring surface. If you are uncertain, ask the art department, location manager, or props.

  • image352
  • WonderWorks spacesuit
  • WonderWorks : LES space suit $750 no helment
  • WonderWorks : Helment$100
  • WonderWorks mercury miniature
  • WonderWorks REdSquarescale models
  • WonderWorks : shuttle cockpit
  • Wonderworks : Space Cowboys

WonderWorks: Aerospace Costuming, Scale Models, Props, and Consultants

I have been asked to research space suits for several productions.  For a quality replica, the weekly rental costs are around $1500 for all of the accessories and badges; $1900 after shipping.  I have found several great resources but was very impressed with WonderWorks and the broad range of products and services in aerospace. READ MORE

Spanx for Men: Does My Mirdle Make Me Look Fat?

As a wardrobe stylist, I am always looking for new wardrobe solutions and products.  Recently, I had the perfect opportunity to test Spanx for Men, Manx.


  • IMG_0618
  • IMG_0620
  • IMG_0617

Vintage Sewing Notions | Atlanta Fire Department Brass Buttons

I spent Friday evening with my 83 year young neighbor flipping through his family album and listening to his stories about growing up in Atlanta.  These Atlanta Fire Department brass buttons are from his collection and I feel so lucky to have them.




Screen Printing | Danger Press

I use Danger Press for all of my screen printing.  They handle time sensitive printing, custom design, short runs, and they understand my peculiar printing requests for different productions.

I may need 17 different designs printed on 17 different custom-made aprons in an extremely short amount of time.  UhhHrumm (clearing my throat), listen up!  I expect and am happy to pay rush fees because I know my rush projects are very disruptive to Danger’s press schedule.

Danger does not have everything. They are definitely lacking in the schmutz department.  Danger’s shop is spotless and so is the final product.  As a stylist, this is priceless.

Pictured: Front pocket + full back screen printed white lab coats and coveralls.

Fashionary | Memo Pad

memo-womens-top | Fashionary

Memo pad with fashion templates for quick sketching.   Another great idea by Fashionary.


Lucky’s costume was inspired by Cuban-American retirees of Miami


Really Bad Toupe

This gentleman was a character for a TBS very funny production.  He was a scientist with a horrific hair piece.



wardrobe-stylist prop-stylist


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