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Courtney Watkins wardrobe stylist


New freelancers always ask me for business tips and billing information.  It’s complicated to answer for three main reasons. First of all, sole proprietorship DBA, LLC, B-corp, C-corp, and S-corp are confusing AF because each business structure has different taxation and benefits.  Second, every production company has different policies and preferences. Third, billing processes change with every new tax code, form, and App released.  There are simply too many variables.

Currently, there are plenty of business classes and advice articles for freelancers available on-line. However, there’s limited information for freelance wardrobe stylists working as independent contractors.  Stylists are probably too busy, too protective, or simply too frustrated by paperwork to share business tips.  In efforts to fill this information void, I’m happily sharing some of the good, the bad, and the ugly lessons I’ve learned.

Pulling from 16 years of commercial and advertising production experience, I compiled my top 6 business tips for freelance wardrobe stylist trying to navigate their way to a paycheck and tax compliance.
I’m not a tax professional and don’t offer legal, accounting, or tax advice.  


Miller Mobley


Miller Mobley



necklace lengths



I love a good chart, info-graphic, or illustrated assembly manual.  This women’s necklace length chart is a helpful tool for online or sight unseen shopping. It’s also great visual reference for communicating accessory looks to your clients and/or assistants.  This simple chart is a worthy addition to your wardrobe reference file. READ MORE

  • ANDREW GN LOOK 6 _ARC0061.450×675 copy
  • ANDREW GN LOOK 48 _ARC0679.450×675 copy
  • ANDREW GN LOOK 48_ARC0693.450×675 copy
  • Badgley Mischka Fall 2013 Look 25 (1)
  • Badgley Mischka Fall 2013 Look 28
  • Badgley Mischka Fall 2013 Look 29
  • CAROLINA HERRARA LOOK 27 _HER0328.450×675
  • Carolina Herrara look 28 _HER0336.450×675
  • Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 RTW Look 23
  • catherine melandrino look 34 34.683×1024
  • catherine melandrino look 35 35.683×1024
  • christian siriano look 34
  • DVF look 36 exterior
  • ELIE SAAB LOOK 16_ARC0147.450×675 copy
  • ELIE SAAB look 17_ARC0155.450×675 copy
  • elie saab
  • Lhuiller fm12
  • Lhuiller fm37
  • Lhuiller
  • Lhuillier
  • Lhuillier fm39
  • Lullier 2
  • naeem khan 31LV7A8613.683×1024
  • Naeem Khan look 19 LV7A8409.450×675
  • Naeem Khan Look 20
  • naeem khan look 21 LV7A8442.683×1024
  • Naeem Khan Look 24
  • Naeem Khan look 25LV7A8500.683×1024
  • Naeem Khan look 34 LV7A8671.450×675
  • Naeem Khan look 41 LV7A8792.450×675
  • naeem look 14 LV7A8316.683×1024
  • naeen khan look 18LV7A8389.683×1024
  • Pamella Roland 1
  • pamella roland 2
  • pamella roland 37
  • pamella roland 40
  • ZAC look 30 _0461.683×1024
  • YTEMPERLY LOOK 41VL_1023.450×675
  • ZAC 26 _0399.683×1024
  • TEMPERLY LOOK 9YVL_0424.450×675
  • temperly look 38 YVL_0965.683×1024
  • ZAC look 31 _0473.683×1024
  • Khan
  • Lhuiller




I recently worked on a project requiring a significant amount of wardrobe homework worthy of sharing. The project was an editorial portrait on location. My wardrobe pitch to the publication was simple: formal looks with Art Deco influences. READ MORE

Sugru: Self Setting, Flexible Silicone Rubber

New product loved by the hacker community and coveted by yours truly.

Sugru molds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything, and self-sets into flexible silicone after 24-hours. The ‘WTF is Sugru’ video above illustrates the many uses of this product. From custom grips on skis to repairing damaged cables, the potential uses of Sugru are broad. I can see Sugru becoming an essential item in my kit used for basic repairs, fixes, and prop making. It is important to note that Sugru is heat-resistant up to 356° Farenheit so any custom rigging or hacking around hot lights will not melt, burn, or smoke like other adhesive or putties; AWESOME!   READ MORE

Mobile Fashion + Warby Parker

Warby Parker hits the Highway

Attention eyewear lovers!  Warby Parker Eyewear is on tour!  The fashionable, affordable, and socially conscience eyewear is putting the rubber to the road for their ‘Class in Session’ tour.  This is great news for the southeast and especially ATLiens because the closest Warby showroom is in Ohio. READ MORE

  • 8789_1345507794_2
  • MM_openBrWindow(‘furniture_item_zoom
  • 8789_1345507794_4
  • 8789_1345507794_3
  • 8789_1345507794_7
  • 8789_1345507794_8

Props : Antique Articulating Artist’s Figure

Life-Sized Figure Drawing Form / Display Mannequin from Italy READ MORE

  • 78 Tradewind
  • 9-Ext-distant
  • 1-Main-interior
  • 2-Drawers-from-above

Fashion Truck Trend: Airstream Restoration

Pimp my Fashion Truck

Adjunct to Mobile Fashion Trend posted June 12, 2012

The mobile fashion trend is catching like a cold.  Suffice it to say, having a functional, mobile store that reflects the brand is a BIG DEAL!   Where do you go?  Who handles this type of build out?  Need inspiration?  Looking for ideas? READ MORE

Mobile Fashion Trend

Mobile Fashion Trend

Mobile Fashion Trend

 Apparel and Accessories Going Mobile


  • dlevitt-optical-andrew-defrancesco
  • dlevitt-optical-anoma-whittaker
  • dlevitt-sun-jason-russell

Warby Parker Eyewear

Warby Parker eyewear is high quality, on-trend, and affordable. READ MORE

Falling Models, Tumbling Talent, and Slippery Shoe Solutions

Runway models are not alone in experiencing slides, slips, and falls.  Underestimating the power of a polished floor, we have all found ourselves flat on the floor, humiliated, and looking for the closest piece of furniture to crawl underneath.

I use one or both of these methods to prep slick, new shoes that will be worn by on-camera talent.  These very simple stylist tricks can prevent both talent tumble as well as personal embarrassment:

  • Sandpaper: Lightly scuff the bottoms of new shoes with sandpaper. Be careful not to scuff the sides of the shoes or any area that will be visible to camera. I keep both 80 grit and 120 grit sandpaper in my kit.
  • Hairspray: Spritz the bottoms of the shoes with strong hold hairspray and let the spray dry for about a minute until it’s sticky to the touch.  Spray as needed.  I keep Nexxtacy by Nexxus in my kit because it is super sticky and alcohol free.

★ Make sure the hairspray will not damage the flooring surface. If you are uncertain, ask the art department, location manager, or props.

Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton


All Aboard – Louis Vuitton’s fall 2012 campaign takes direction from the runway show with an image set onboard a train photographed by Steven Meisel.  READ MORE

Cordarounds: Horizontal Corduroy Pants


 Scientifically Proven 22% Reduction in C.H.I.

…what is C.H.I.?  CROTCH HEAT INDEXof course!


Excess Baggage by Williams-British Handmade

Sarah Williams’ amazing designs re-imagine classic british luggage for her budding label, Williams-British Handmade.


Fifi Lapin Fashion Illustrations

I usually do not respond to cutesy design but, these illustrations of Fifi Lapin, a furry fashionista, are an undeniably clever take on runway fashion.   READ MORE

Style Guides on Polyvore

I am often asked by the agency or production company to put together wardrobe looks or a style guide that are specific the talent, character, ad, or story line. My favorite site to build style guides is on Polyvore. Polyvore has an image library of current wardrobe pieces, visual elements, and templates to build wardrobe sets. Typically, I avoid the templates and any unnecessary visual noise. I prefer using a white background to keep the sets as simple and clean as possible. Most visual reference that I submit to clients and creative is borderline clinical in their presentation. I save the fluff and stuff for production.

sunny yellow

Fashionary | Memo Pad

memo-womens-top | Fashionary

Memo pad with fashion templates for quick sketching.   Another great idea by Fashionary.

Fashionary: Fashion Reference Sketchbook


Fashionary is a beautifully designed sketchbook that every stylist, costumer, designer, or tailor can appreciate. The first 34 pages are LOADED with info: measuring tools, designer brand index, a fabric dictionary, stitch & seam samples, patterns & flats, fashion events, a calendar, and some more great things. READ MORE

Helmut Newton: Polaroids

Would you like to see a collection of Helmut Newton’s Polaroids with handwritten shot details?  Uh, YES PLEASE.  Newton’s widow has compiled over 300 of his ‘roids for Helmut Newton: Polaroids.  


Helmut Newton – POLAROIDS The Exhibit

Helmut Newton’s wife was known to use his Polaroids as place cards at dinner parties. Newton’s Polaroids will be on exhibit at the Berlin Museum Of Photography through November coinciding with the Helmut Newton; Polaroids  book release.  Exhibit details at Helmut Newton – POLAROIDS.

Lyst: Follow fashion favorites

Designers, stylist, and fashion fans can create, follow and shop their favorite fashions.  Check out my “lyst collection”  lyst love.

Viva Aruba!

this is a post from holly thompson’s blog about the Aruba Tourism campaign shot by scott lowden.  i did wardrobe and props on this one.  tough day at the office!

Viva Aruba!


wardrobe-stylist prop-stylist


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