Cannes Lions


Fitzgerald + Co Atlanta won a Bronze Lion at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity  for their Press Campaign.   I’m proud to say that I was the photo stylist on this project shot by Clive Stewart!


Nothing makes me happier than character costuming EXCEPT character costuming with INJURIES!!!  WHAT!!!???  The crutches, canes, IV bags, neck braces, and bandages were easy, but the plaster arm cast was tricky!   Thank goodness for YouTube’s vast selection of orthopedic  plaster casting instructional videos!  You can learn crazy things on YouTube!



Award: Press Campaign Bronze Cannes Lion 
Agency: Fitzco
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Agency Producer:  Callie Householder
Producer: Amanda Bertany
H&MU Artist: Kara Ramos
Wardrobe Stylist + Props: Courtney Watkins