SALAD SPINNERS AND CASHMERE?cashmere saladspinner


You thought cashmere was DRY CLEAN ONLY?  Cashmere is washable!  But cashmere garments are delicate and should NOT  be twisted or wrung dry when soaking wet.  A salad spinner will gently remove access water without twisting or pulling potentially harming the garment.  Lay the cashmere garment flat on a drying rack or sweater drier and allow to air dry completely.

Tim Gunn, fashion guru and columnist in Marie Clair suggests:

“Many cashmere sweaters have a tag reading “dry clean only.” I have found that this is not the case. Hand washing cashmere not only prolongs its life in your wardrobe, it also makes it softer. Wash using baby shampoo, Woolite, or Tide Total Care and rinse thoroughly. Now here’s the key: Use a salad spinner — yes! — to remove as much of the water as possible. Otherwise, the sweater can take days to dry because you should not squeeze or twist it. Once spun, lay the sweater flat on a towel to fully dry. Finally, never place sweaters of any kind on hangers because they will stretch. Instead, fold them in thirds lengthwise.”

Tim Gunn Fashion Tips for Washing Cashmere – Tim Gunn Style Advice for Spring – Marie Claire