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Before going back to school for commercial photography and becoming a photo stylist, I was briefly a high school art teacher.  On the first day of class,  students were asked to complete a short questionnaire.  The questionnaire included the obligatory art ed question,  “What is…


So there I was, lurking in the sound stage shadows like a light-sensitive mole. This particular stage typically provided padded folding chairs for the wardrobe department and hair and make-up  (H&MU) department.  Unfortunately, all of the chairs were being used in video village to accommodate…

Cordarounds: Horizontal Corduroy Pants

 Scientifically Proven 22% Reduction in C.H.I. …what is C.H.I.?  CROTCH HEAT INDEX, of course! Cordarounds are horizontal corduroy pants by crowd favorite, Betabrand.  These pants are cut from corduroy fabric running horizontally instead of the traditional vertical run. Cordarounds’ horizontal whales create a cooler, more comfortable corduroy pant….

Exposure Doesn’t Pay Bills

Commercial photographers and directors walk a fine line between genius and masochist.  They seamlessly handle a variety of tasks and skills.  Their skillset includes: Creative Professional Point-of-view:  a distinct eye; unique storytelling; clear artistic voice. Technical: proficient in cameras + lenses, lighting, grip + electric,…

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