Sarah Williams’ amazing designs re-imagine classic British luggage for her budding label, Williams-British Handmade.

William’s admiration of traditional crafts is echoed in the brands she most admires: Mulberry and Smythson. Williams-British Handmade uses British talent using hand tools as much as possible.  The brass frames are produced by Joe MacNeil, a specialist metalworker in Buckinghamshire; the bridle leather is hand stitched.

Williams believes that good-quality craft depends on curiosity about the material at hand, and she cites three attributes, identified by Richard Sennett in his book “The Craftsman,” in her work: Metamorphosis, Anthropomorphism and Presence. Metamorphosis refers to the evolution of a form, evident in the altered shapes of her luggage designs. Anthropomorphism invests inanimate things with human qualities; Williams’s hand-craftsmanship lends the items a sense of integrity and honesty. Presence was applied through MacNeil’s immaculate brass plaques and the individually numbered leather stamps inside each piece.

The luggage is currently only available on Williams’s Web site;  designs are bespoke or numbered limited edition.