It hurts to watch those beautiful girls struggle! Runway models are not alone in experiencing slides, slips, and falls.  We have all underestimating the evil powers of a polished floor and smooth soled new shoes then  BAM!  You’re flat on the floor, humiliated, and looking for the closest piece of furniture to crawl underneath.

Most of these slips and spills are easily preventable.  The words ‘easily preventable’  feel like salt poured in a fresh humiliation wound. Next time use these very simple stylist tricks to prevent slips, spills, and embarrassment.

I use one or both of these methods to prep slick, new shoes that will be worn by talent:

  • Sandpaper: Lightly scuff the bottoms of new shoes with sandpaper or an emory board. Be careful not to scuff the sides of the shoes or any area that will be visible to camera. I keep both 80 grit and 120 grit sandpaper in my kit for this reason.  If you don’t have sandpaper, go outside and ruff-up the bottom on a concrete sidewalk.   
  • Hairspray: Spritz the bottoms of the shoes with strong hold hairspray and let the spray dry for about a minute until it’s sticky to the touch.  Spray as needed.  I keep Nexxtacy by Nexxus in my kit because it is super sticky and alcohol free.

★ Test to make sure the hairspray will not damage the flooring surface.