BRILLIANT!!!  O’verlays is a company that produces fretwork to dress up boring furniture and decorative pieces. They offer custom pieces, but their focus is on producing FRETWORK THAT FITS IKEA CASEGOODS !!!



Cheryle Rhuda and Danika Herrick are two likeminded friends that bonded over an idea and a common vision. They met through their husbands and quickly connected. Cheryle runs the design workroom, The Whole Nine Yards Shop and Danika an interior design business and the design blog Gorgeous Shiny Things.They began to see overlaps in their businesses and often teamed up on projects. This led to a lot of brainstorming sessions and the creation of their company Danika & Cheryle llc and O’verlays™.O’verlays™ was created after long searches for such a product came up empty. Danika had found someInspired vintage fretwork panels and decided to use them on a client’s IKEA® PAX wardrobe. With some panels of mirror and the help of a finish carpenter the wardrobes underwent a dramatic inexpensive transformation.They immediately saw the potential in these fretwork panels and decided to create their own. They loved the fact that they could create an expensive custom look for very little money using second hand or IKEA® pieces. They chose a lightweight composite material that allowed greater flexibility and less splintering, an issue with the original vintage balsa wood panels. They also made sure the product could be paintable to allow for endless looks.