What do I do when I am not on a job shopping, sourcing, dressing, and styling? I am shopping, sourcing, dressing, styling, and renovating my Bungalow. In 2007, Mr. Wonderful and I purchased a 1917 Craftsman Bungalow. We have been tirelessly renovating this bundle of bungalow in between our full time work schedules.

When I am not working as a stylist, I spend most of my spare time (and money) on the house. I am proud to say we have not borrowed a dime for the renovation expenses and have done most of the work ourselves.  Typically, I handle design, aesthetics, and sourcing materials while Mr. Wonderful is the building brains and brawn behind the operation.  Custom cabinetry and woodworking are his strong suit.  We have made a lot of progress; the details are far too cumbersome for this short check-in post.

Currently, we are knee-deep into the BATHROOMS!  We have gutted the space where the future guest bathroom and master bathroom are going so we can work on them simultaneously. With framing completed,  we can finalize our design details and start purchasing materials.  The design phase is hands down my favorite part of the entire process!  I love sourcing materials, hashing out layout, and of course design+decor.   A 100 year old house is FULL of surprises!  There is a considerable amount of problem solving and compromise once the walls are cracked open and all of the secrets are revealed.

Today, a non-working day, I am designing the tile floor in the guest bath (and making a short blog post.)  I am using a Dal Tile planning tool to design a mosaic hex tile pattern on a 1′ x 2′ sheet which is then repeated to create the pattern below. Hex tile is an appropriate material for the age of our bungalow. We have successfully used porcelain hex tile in the basement bathroom and the laundry room.  I use reference images for inspiration, but the final design comes together in a very impromptu manner when I begin to dry lay the tile.   Subway Mosaics has a great mosaic hex reference library.

I already established my tile pattern  below. I am currently debating between five different color combinations. The taupe field tile is consistent in all five options, but the flower at the corners of the hexagon vary.  What do you think?  Preferences?

hex tile options