organizing wardrobe


Belts are challenging to organize both on productions and in your closet at home.  In my twelve years as a wardrobe stylist, I  have found that large, spring-lock carabiners work the best to organize belt options. I sort belts either by size or style then clip the carabiner to the rack with the corresponding wardrobe options.  I can quickly take the carabiner off the rack,  remove a belt, click the carabiner back to the rack,  AND DONE!

On a production, belts that coordinate with a look or costume are hung with that costume while un-assigned belt options are kept together. These belt options should be organized, visible, easily accessible, and grouped with potential coordinating wardrobe pieces.  The carabiner method works the best out of everything I have tried.  Examples of belt wrangling methods I have attempted and the results:

  • The loop-over-the-bar method takes too much time attaching and removing the belts
  • Metal belt hangers are heavy and cumbersome
  • Bins are not easily accessible
  • Bags allow belts to get tangled and crazy


Spring Link 5 packs  $4.97 at Walmart

Materials: lightweight aluminum
Maximum Capacity: 105 pound  max capacity
* NOT for climbing purposes *
Large carabiner dim:  0.44 x 3.75 x 6.19 (inches)