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Product:   Hollywood Clear Bra Straps™

Problem:   Unsightly bra straps

Marketing Claims:

“Pssst. Your bra strap is showing.” That’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re in front of 200 people giving a business presentation, or when prom pictures come back with that tell-tale elastic peeking out for all eternity! Secret No. 3, Hollywood Clear Bra Straps™, are performing veritable fashion magic, and it’s no illusion.

Stylish… under sheer fabrics, discreet… with tanks, t-shirts, halters, strappy tops, swimsuits,  and sexy… with revealing necklines and swimsuits

Simply use with any bra that has detachable straps.

The straps are 100-percent polyurethane and can clean easily with a damp cloth.

Clear straps

The marketing claims are true. The straps are clear polyurethane revealing your skin tone, but the straps are not invisible.

  • On-Camera:
    ★ The polyurethane straps are shiny.  When the light hits the straps, specular highlights appear.  These highlights are very visible and very distracting on camera.

NOTE:  Cameras have a lower dynamic range than the human eye. I don’t want to get too technical, but bright specular highlights increase the dynamic range (contrast between light and dark). High contrast ratios are not favorable because they make image capture more difficult and often impossible in one frame.

A fabric strap in either flesh or a coordinating garment color will not effect contrast ratios as they are the same value existing within the scene.

wardrobe solutions

  • Off-Camera:
    ★ Make no mistake, these straps are not invisible.  Without the hot lights and strobes on set,  the straps are more palatable for day-to-day use.  I use clear straps under strappy tops that my bra strap configuration is a close but not an exact match.  As the pictures below illustrates, you are not fooling anybody if you wear clear straps with a halter, strapless, or off the shoulder top.



★ Clear straps can leave shoulder indentations exactly like a traditional bra strap. Because the clear strap is so thin, the strap indentation creates a misshapen or awkward shoulder to neckline silhouette.  see picture below

★ My clear straps have become loose overtime.  After wearing approximately forty times, I began to notice failure — slippage. The straps slowing slip through the strap adjusters. Before I can count to 34C, the straps are long enough to double-dutch with.  SO FRUSTRATING!

clear strap

Clear straps are clearly visible.
 For day-to-day use, the straps offer a good wardrobe solution for tricky tops that require an unusual bra strap configuration. I have about 5 tops that I always wear these straps with. For on-camera use, the shiny polyurethane creates distracting specular highlights.  Compared to fabric or elastic straps, the product has a short life span.

If you want to wear bare or off the shoulder tops or dresses, take the twins and get properly fitted for a quality strapless foundation garment.  Buy a seamless bra that is the closest match to your flesh tone. Intimacy is a reputable boutique with 18 locations across the US including Atlanta.

Hollywood Clear Bra Straps™.