GUEST BATHROOM RENOVATION IS A WRAP …and some other projects too!

This post is long overdue.  The bathroom renovation has been complete for several months, but work was absolutely nuts during the year-end advertising push. Without further delay, enjoy the renovation photos in the gallery above!  I also included a couple of extra process pix below.


craftsman bathroom renovation
Bathroom 360° 1 of 4
craftsman medicine cabinet
Bathroom 360° 2 of 4
bungalow bathroom
Bathroom 360° 3 of 4
bathroom renovation
Bathroom 360° 4 of 4


I made kraft paper templates of the antique mirrors, prints, and clock to arrange the gallery style placement on the wall.

gallery paper template
Gallery layout using kraft paper templates for gallery style hanging
stylist bathroom renovations
Gallery style hanging of antique mirrors, scientific prints, and a modern cuckoo clock.

In short,  the bathroom was a complete tear-out and rebuild.    Jeff did all of the build-out and carpentry. Before and after photos:

bathroom reno before


bathroom reno

I used the Dal Tile Mosaic Tile design Tool software at  Below are some of the mosaic pattern designs, the layout process, and the finished floor.  This floor took  WAY WAAAAY too much time, but I love how it turned out!

hex tile options

hex tile
making tile sheets
bungalow bathroom
Porcelain Mosaic Hexagon Tile Floor



Jeff is  building cabinets for his shop and has completed my studio. I post more pictures of my beautiful studio.  All I have to show today are the repurposed antique door knobs on the built-in cabinets (below.)

renovation update


On the list for 2014 –   MASTER SUITE!  

Happy New Year! ☺