Ingenuity and creativity inspire me. Combining an ingenious solve with beautiful design makes my heart skip a beat. The only thing that trumps a beautiful design solve is one that saves MONEY!

I have posted a variety of clever Ikea hacks in the past.  I recently learned about Semihandmade, a company that makes custom cabinet and drawer fronts for Ikea cabinets. Kinda genius! Customers design their cabinet configuration using Ikea design services, order Ikea cabinets cases only, and Semihandmade fabricates cabinet fronts using high-end materials.

This solve saves money.  The compromise is customization.  Ikea stock cabinets are available in limited sizes,  but buying stock can save the customer 30 – 40% on the cost of custom cabinets. Semihandmade offers shaker and slab door styles in a variety of premium wood materials including reclaimed wood options. Custom fronts are not cheap, but they are less expensive than custom kitchens.


 “In late 2010, we launched Semihandmade with the goal of offering the
same Handmade craftsmanship to a wider audience, at a lower price.
We’re able to do this by customizing doors, panel and drawer faces measured
and drilled to fit IKEA™ kitchens.”

photo stylist

This is a great idea!