Every person on a production is important.

From the producer to the unpaid intern, everybody is a valuable asset.  My advice is to treat every person on set with the same respect  you  show your superiors.  Treat people like your personal success or failure depends on their opinion of your work.

The hierarchical structure within production crews resembles a traditional apprenticeship.  Everybody starts and the bottom and pays their proverbial dues. Years of mentoring and grooming prepare department heads, photographers, directors, or producers for their roles. It does not matter what film or photo school you attended, nothing prepares you for being on set other than physically BEING ON SET.   That newbie production assistant on set TODAY may become the director, photographer, or producer that hires you TOMORROW!

Production is a very tight group.  There are often multiple family members in different crafts.  The set medic’s husband could be married to the producer you’ve been trying to get a meeting with.  The director’s nephew could be the unpaid intern that you snubbed at the craft services table and now he hates you forever.  Real smooth!

So remember, be nice to everybody on set.  The awkward intern could be your boss one day.