Dry winter weather creates the perfect conditions for static cling. I always keep Static Guard in my wardrobe kit to keep static cling under control when I am on set.  It’s quick and easy to spray on clinging garments.  If you are on a production,  it’s best to spray before talent goes on set.  If you must spray on set,  be aware of the camera!   Do not spray Static Guard toward the lens.

static guard

Flying to a quickie out-of-town production,  I cannot carry aerosol products on the plane.  I  pack dryer sheets instead of Static Guard for a quick static cling fix.  Once dressed, simply rub dryer sheets on the outside and the inside of your garment to remove static cling!

Dryer sheets also keep my wardrobe kit smelling  fresh – BONUS!

MRS-drier sheets

Does your hair get static electricity?  Use dryer sheets to neutralize the electric charge in your hair.  Gently rub a dryer sheet over your hair in the same direction your hair is styled.

Traditional dryer sheets are full of chemicals and considered toxic.  Seventh Generation and Meyers both offer a non-toxic biodegradable product.

No dryer sheets on hand?   Use a metal clothes hanger to discharge the electricity.  Simply glide the long side of a wire or metal hanger over your clothes to remove static electricity. Kinda clever!

metal coat hanger