Product: Strap Tamers

Problem: Wayward bra straps

Marketing Claims:
“Strap Tamers® consist of a clip (to hold the bra strap) and pin which is fastened to the inside shoulder seam of a garment.

You can leave Strap Tamers® on your clothing while laundered again and again. Whenever you wear that garment, the Strap Tamers® are already in place, waiting for you.”

Materials:  Strap Tamers are made of durable high-tech plastic (Polycarbonate, the same material used for “bullet proof glass”) and fine gauge stainless steel (which won’t leave rust marks or large pin holes on fine clothing.)

How to Use:


Review: Unless you are wearing a sleeveless shift or a tank with very wide straps made of a thick material, don’t bother!

The product does conceal bra straps, but it also creates very noticeable lumps underneath the garment where the Strap Tamer connects to your shirt. Thicker fabrics, like tweed or wool, would help conceal the lump by softening the profile (image below).

Also, Strap Tamers can only be used on shirt straps that are WIDER than one inch or 2.54 centimeters.   If your shirt strap is the same width or narrower than the Strap Tamer, the Strap Tamer  clearly visible (image below).