New product loved by the hacker community and coveted by yours truly.

Sugru molds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything, and self-sets into flexible silicone after 24-hours. The ‘WTF is Sugru’ video above illustrates the many uses of this product. From custom grips on skis to repairing damaged cables, the potential uses of Sugru are broad. I can see Sugru becoming an essential item in my kit used for basic repairs, fixes, and prop making. It is important to note that Sugru is heat-resistant up to 356° Farenheit so any custom rigging or hacking around hot lights will not melt, burn, or smoke like other adhesive or putties; AWESOME!

For me personally, one of the most intriguing applications of Sugru seen in the video is forming custom  heel cushions for footwear. I have extremely narrow heels and struggle with a proper, pain-free fit. I typically buy Stuart Weitzman footwear in NARROW. Most narrow cut shoes are slender the entire length of the shoe and HURT like hell after 2 hours; however, Weitzman’s narrow is very narrow in the heel and more spacious in the toe box. I am curious if custom forming Sugru to the inside heel counter of my ill-fitting pumps will fix and the slippage and relieve some of the pain in my toe box caused by my feet pushing forward in the shoe.   COULD SUGRU BE  THE ANSWER TO MY HEEL ISSUES?!!?  

Sugru comes in 5 gram mini packs,  20 gram nuggets, and 100 gram lumps AND is available in red, blue, yellow, black,and white.  Packaged in foil packs similar to fast food ketchup, Sugru is good for 6 months at room temperature or 18 months refrigerated.

Check out  Sugru on-line and I will keep you posted on my  product review!