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HELPFUL VISUAL REFERENCE I love a good chart, info-graphic, or illustrated assembly manual.  This women’s necklace length chart is a helpful tool for online or sight unseen shopping. It’s also great visual reference for communicating accessory looks to your clients and/or assistants.  This simple chart…


Director: Gaysorn Thavat on Grand Large  / Gaysorn Thavat on Robber’s Dog Production Company: Grand Large Producer: Clint Cowen Unit Production Manager: Stephen Ostrander Hair & Make-up:  Kara Ramos Wardrobe: Courtney Watkins Production Design: Jack Van Matre  of Van Matre Productions  


SALAD SPINNERS AND CASHMERE? JUST SPIN IT! You thought cashmere was DRY CLEAN ONLY?  Cashmere is washable!  But cashmere garments are delicate and should NOT  be twisted or wrung dry when soaking wet.  A salad spinner will gently remove access water without twisting or pulling potentially…


IKEA BAGS ARE A STAPLE OF MINE! As a stylist, I physically move thousands of dollars of wardrobe and props from stores, to studio, to location, and back again. I am responsible for keeping merchandise un-damaged, organized, and easily accessible during the production.  I use Ikea…

Warby Parker Eyewear

Warby Parker eyewear is high quality, on-trend, and affordable. Prescription, polarized Optical eyewear cost $95 Non-Prescription, polarized Sunwear cost  $95 Prescription, polarized Sunwear costs $150 The company’s flagship store is in NYC and they have 9 showrooms throughout the US.   Unfortunately, there are currently no showrooms in the Southeast,…

Strap Tamers Review

Marketing claims, “Strap Tamers® consist of a clip (to hold the bra strap) and pin which is fastened to the inside shoulder seam of a garment. You can leave Strap Tamers® on your clothing while laundered again and again. Whenever you wear that garment, the Strap Tamers® are already in place, waiting for you.”


So there I was, lurking in the sound stage shadows like a light-sensitive mole. This particular stage typically provided padded folding chairs for the wardrobe department and hair and make-up  (H&MU) department.  Unfortunately, all of the chairs were being used in video village to accommodate…

Cordarounds: Horizontal Corduroy Pants

 Scientifically Proven 22% Reduction in C.H.I. …what is C.H.I.?  CROTCH HEAT INDEX, of course! Cordarounds are horizontal corduroy pants by crowd favorite, Betabrand.  These pants are cut from corduroy fabric running horizontally instead of the traditional vertical run. Cordarounds’ horizontal whales create a cooler, more comfortable corduroy pant….

Screen Printing | Danger Press

I use Danger Press for all of my screen printing.  They handle time sensitive printing, custom design, short runs, and they understand my peculiar printing requests for different productions. I may need 17 different designs printed on 17 different custom-made aprons in an extremely short amount of…

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