Back to Basics

The Museum of Useful Things is a great site + blog about  USEFUL THINGS!  

While  researching my vintage bingo cage prop, I ran across their site.  The Museum of Useful Things features an edited collection of both new and old FUNCTIONAL products and designs.  Their  blog is a collection of useful vintage items and industrial images.  Their about page states:

“We’re going back to basics, to the essence of the Museum of Useful Things. We’re returning to where it began (over 11 years ago) – the web. New developments allow us to have the site we envisioned years ago – a forum|store|repository of useful things. We are presenting an edited collection of our favorite MUT products, some old, some brand new, and some of our own design. And, we are sharing our collection of useful vintage items and industrial images on our blog and we look forward to hearing about yours.
Our particular parameters and aesthetics does not define useful to everyone. We are referring to products and tools that have a clear function, get something done, and do it in a pleasing way to the user. The Museum of Useful Things byline has always been “the beauty of function” which to us represents the satisfaction of a well-designed and economical product (not just in price, but in usage) made of appropriate materials, that does the job well, intuitively if possible. Not all useful things are tools, we are including products for storage, reference, and other specific and necessary uses.”

They categorize their products by function including.  In their “HOLD” category, one of their products is a new, vintage Swim Locker Basket priced at $36.  Their  site is clean and easy to navigate.  Check them out.