Follow up on previous post: Excess Baggage.

Sarah Williams’ breakout season for Williams British Handmade was a success.  WIlliams’ bespoke luggage pieces are handcrafted in traditional techniques; however, the shapes are completely wacky and wonderful!  The luggage concept stemmed from one of her master’s course at the London College of Fashion where she was asked to produce a fashion artifact based on Salvador Dali’s work.

Sarah Williams has released a second season of her Williams British Handmade luggage. This season there are cases that fit together like Tetris pieces, a modern doctor’s bag, and an elbow maccaroni shaped bag.  I am so glad to see the release of the second collection after hearing rumors of her hesitation to expand due her handcrafted luxury accessories  being cost prohibitive to mass markets.

For more information on Williams British Handmade luxury luggage, Style Savage has an excellent interview.