I have been asked to research space suits for several productions.  For a quality replica, the weekly rental costs are around $1500 for all of the accessories and badges; $1900 after shipping.  I have found several great resources but was very impressed with WonderWorks and the broad range of products and services in aerospace.WonderWorks™ is a full service design and production company serving the film, theme park, and museum industries whose client list includes NASA, Space Camp, Challenger Center, Spielberg, Lucas, Disney, Universal, G.M., Ford, Chrysler, Rockwell, and the Smithsonian Museum.  With a project list that spans the globe, WonderWorks provides clients with an extensive history of knowledge, creativity, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to detail.  They have rental space suits replicas from different aerospace missions.  They also build and rent architectural models, shuttle launchpad miniatures, and space craft interiors.  Understanding the importance of accuracy, WonderWorks also offers aerospace consultants.  WonderWorks is not a hobby or toy store or halloween costume shop; they specialize in realism.