Wardrobe / Costumes: Courtney Watkins

Agency: Saatchi NYC

Director: Nick Ball

DOP: Sebastian Blenkov

Production Company: MJZ

Wardrobe / Costumes: Courtney Watkins

Head & Shoulders found three headstrong small business owners to feature in their Headstrong Campaign. 2019 Super Bowl C. Head & Shoulders produced, funded, and aired three Headstrong commercials dueing the 2019 Super Bowl. I worked on the Get Your Goat Rentals commercial shot in Atlanta. The small business owners, Michael and Kristin Swanson, were fantastic. There were so many goats, that nobody notices the wardrobe.

Kudos to Saatchi NYC and Head & Shoulders for the bold and quirky concept.

Teaser Spot

from Saatchi NYC:

Head & Shoulders #HeadstrongAds | Super Bowl LIII Teaser

Headstrong doesn’t make one Super Bowl commercial. It makes three. And it doesn’t make them for itself. It makes them for the most headstrong business people it can find.

Meet Jennifer, Michael and Pastor Nancy, three of the most headstrong business people in America. They’ve overcome doubt, fear and skepticism to start successful local businesses and Head & Shoulders wants to give them the confidence to keep on keeping on. So, to help them stay headstrong, we made them Super Bowl commercials.


Michael Swanson told his wife he wanted to open a goat rental business. She told him to get a real job. Guess his goats must have eaten his resume, because renting goats is the only job he knows.


Jennifer Morales opened Smash Therapy in North Spring, Texas. It’s a place where people smash things to let out their feelings. Sound stupid? Jennifer heard that a lot. And now, she’s a smashing success.


Pastor Nancy owns Kansas City’s best (and only) mobile wedding service. Want to get married in the park, at your chiropractor’s office or in the comfort of your own basement rec room? Then Pastor Nancy is your pastor.